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We became addicted to the genuine dough-based Belgian waffles during our trips to Belgium (where they have several waffle
varieties, none made from batter that I can recall). So there we were at Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights when we spotted the
Volks Waffle, and it looked like GENUINE Belgian waffles! Sure enough, these gaufres de chasse (as they call them in Liege)
hit the mark!  With imported dough from Belgium and the included sweetness from the pearl sugar in the dough.
Perfect texture and flavor, just like in Liege. Load them up with toppings as you like - Nutella, mmm! - and you will enjoy
the true Liege gauffre experience!
Jose K.   Roseville. CA

This is a great spin on what it means to be a food truck.  Converting an old Volkswagen Bus into a mobile waffle stand is genius.  
I had the pleasure of grabbing The Most Wanted waffle during SactoMoFo 6, and it was amazing!  The fresh made waffle that was sweet,
but not overly sweet, and went great with the strawberries and whip cream on top.  I highly recommend getting the Nutella on top too,
that little bit of chocolate/ hazelnut flavor made this heavenly.
Giselle S.  Sacramento, CA


I want to learn to make waffles this tasty.  I don't know what their secret is, but the waffles are like no other waffles you've ever tasted.  
They have a more doughy texture with a sweet (but not too sweet) flavor.  I had mine with ice cream and nutella and was in absolute
heaven.  So many times, I've ordered waffles and have been disappointed.  This waffle was the best I've ever had.  
Laura R.  Fair Oaks, CA

Excellent waffles made from real, imported-from-Belgium live-culture dough (not batter!). Good fresh toppings too - made-on-site
real whipped cream, strawberries, nutella, powdered sugar... so good. And the owners are wonderful, a very nice couple who are friendly
 and outgoing. I love the fact that the opposite side of their vehicle has a sink, too, so you can rinse off if you get a little sticky from the
tasty sugar!
Moses H. Sacramento, CA



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