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We specializ in authentic Belgian waffles. We offer high quality ingredients including our dough, which is imported directly from Belgium.

What is a  "Liége dough waffles" It is one of two types of “Belgian” waffles, the other is the Brussels waffle. Brussels waffles can be
found all over the states and in fact is what most people would associate with the name “Belgian Waffle.” Usually those who know
about the Liége dough waffles are from Europe where it is more commonly sold than it’s counterpart.

There are several noticeable differences between the two waffles in taste and appearance, and those  are due to the different ingredients,
equipment and preparation techniques. The Liége dough waffle is made from a richer, more sweet dough, who’s key ingredient is Belgian
pearl sugar. During preparation, the waffle irons are carefully set to the perfect temperature in order to melt and caramelize the pearl sugar.
This produces a crispy and cakey texture throughout the entire waffle, with a soft and warm center.

Volkswaffle waffles simply do not compare because they do not exist here.  They are not your plain unsweetened boxed or restaurant style
waffles and you can't make these on a regular waffle iron.  The Belgian waffle iron weight ranges from 60lbs - 100lbs and allows the waffle to
bake at the perfect temperature.  No need for syrup, the waffle is thick textureed Liége  waffle with pearl sugar chunks. Within each of these
pearls lies the authentic taste which carmelizes on the outside of the
waffle when baked. 

We experimented with the recipe & ingredients countless times and could not come up with a product that matches the orignial Belgian Liége
waffle flavor.  Due to the difference in flavor of Belgian quality ingredients, we decided to have the dough made there to preserve the authentic
original flavors.  We are happy to say that eating a Volkswaffle waffle is the same as eating a waffle in Belgium.




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